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Smt.  K Lakshmi Sasi Varma


At GIET Degree College (GDC), you will explore the world of opportunities through our eminent and enriched academic offerings. At GDC we have cared to bring in well-acclaimed, illustrious, student-friendly, active and accessible faculty with commitment, integrity and dedication. GDC has been striving for excellent teacher-learner ambiance since the outset. It has created an enviable infrastructure in the form of the latest Learning Resource Centre, Computer Centre & Laudable Laboratories. We visualize a broad system with multi-channel objectives of achieving competitiveness on quality parameters by introducing various newer techniques and educational methods like smart classrooms, interactive education systems, and intensive use of e-sources for knowledge gain and dissemination of information for effective use in tutorials and seminars. We have advanced considerably and are in the process of making fast intimate interactions with the industry.

K. Lakshmi Raju

Executive Director

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