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English Club


English clubs provide an opportunity for English language learners to practice using English in a relaxed and friendly setting. Many English Clubs are moderated by English teachers, but this doesn't necessarily always have to be the case. Student support workers or even students themselves can often make great moderators.

Special Activities

  • Discussion Questions.

  • Two Truths, A Lie.

  • Salad Bowl.

  • Debates and Discussions.

  • Guest speakers & Presentations.

  • English - Language Songs & Readings.

  • Skits.

  • Group Trips.

  • Newsletter.

  • Competition.

  • Scavenger Hunts.

  • Film Viewings.

  • Club Party.

shammi raju.png

President - T.Shammi Raju

Bachelor of Business Administration

Pin No - 1914883039.


Vice President - Ch. VSSS Sahithi

Department Of Forensic Science

Pin No - 2014871416.

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