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Theatre Club


Theatre Club pledges to offer participants the chance to experience the excitement and rewards of performance while developing poise, social skills, creativity and the ability to work with others. There are many ways in which a theatre club can help to develop your self-confidence and self-esteem...

Overtime, confidence will then start to grow, as performing becomes easier and enjoyable. These are communication skills which will enhance in life.

Activities : 

  • Charades.

  • WIS (Words into story).

  • Pictionary.

  • TAC (Talking about classics).

  • Drama.

  • Spot Narrations.

  • Hungman (Guessing the letters in the given word).

  • Hold a fashion show. 

  • Dance.

  • Singing.

  • Framing different sentences based on one sentence/word.


President - N Kavya Sudha

BSc. Forensic Science.

Pin No - 1914871479.


Vice President - Saketh

BSc. Forensic Science

Pin No - 2014871425.

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