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It is good to air a grievance rather than to keep it bottled up. Protection of human rights is essential for all round development of an individual’s personality. To realize the primary needs of the students and staff and secure civil liberties for everybody, a Grievance Redressal Cell is already working in college since 2nd August, 2018.


It looks into general and academic complaints of the staff and students. It promptly tries to offer solutions for their redressal in periodical meetings of the committee.


A Complaint from an aggrieved student relating a college shall be addressed to GDCGRC with the following composition, namely:


The following staff members are in the charge of this cell.

  • Dr. K. Valli Madhavi, Principal – Chairperson

  • Dr. G Chandrayya, Professor – Member

  • Ms.R Rinisha Keerthana, Assistant Professor – Member

  • Mr A Posi Sekhar, Assistant Professor – Member

  • Special Invitee

  • Ms. T. Madhura Devi - Assistant Professor

  • Ms.P.Sandhya Rani - Assistant Professor

  • Ms. Piyusha Vani - B.B.A (Gen)- II - Special Invitee (Student Representative)

  • Ms. Ganta Yamini Sai - B.Sc (MSCs) - II - Special Invitee (Student Representative)

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