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Academic Club

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Academics club not only include projects, seminars there is more than that - The academic club is committed to provide academic & career resources to help our members pursue their interests. We believe that knowledge should essentially breakdown the four walls of the classroom.

  • Character & Personal Qualities.

  • Academic Achievement.

  • Build or maintain specific skills.

  • Prepare you for a future career.

  • Demonstrate your interest or passion.

  • Provide relevant context.

  • Say something about you and what you care about and/or

  • Have impact of some kind (on you personally, others, or your community)

** Don't Regret Later For Not Joining Us**

Get Yourself Enrolled With Us.

Mamidisetti Revathi.png

President - Mamidisetti Revathi.

3rd BSc. Forensic Science.

Pin No - 1914871465.

Y Prabha.png

Vice President - Y.Prabha

2nd BBA

Pin No - 2014883058.

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