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Department of computer science, GIET DEGREE COLLEGE was established in the year 2017 and now has a whopping number of 300 students from all three years. Our computer department motivates and supports students for upgrading with the latest technologies and helps them to acquire the necessary skill set as per the industry requirement. Department offers Computer Science in combination with Physics, Statistics, Mathematics and Animation. Department is also offering BCA to pave a path for the students who want to pursue their Masters and careers in this field.

The department is committed to excellence in teaching, skilling and inculcating a sense of pride and confidence in our students. To achieve the vision, holistic student development programs (through various extra/ co-curricular activities, skill development, program specific research etc.) are practiced by all faculty members to enable our students to get ready for Industry savvy and become globally employable and responsible citizens of the country.

Computer Science HOD’s Message :


Greetings! On behalf of the faculty members, Department of Computer Science of GIET Degree College, Rajamahendravaram. I welcome you all to the creative world of Computer Science. I believe the Computer Science discipline has been widely recognized as an essential source and technique for the advancements in all spheres of human endeavor now and in future. In GDC all the students get the opportunity to excel in their academic activities. Our department abides by the vision on which it is founded.


The Future of Computer Science is promising, choosing a career in this field will open the doors to many job opportunities.  Pupils will have a chance to choose their careers in this field as Web Developer, Cyber Security Analyst , Database Administrator, Software Developer, and many more. 


 Our Department has produced hundreds of Computer Science graduates and has established a name for itself. They are adorning top spots in various MNCs. I attribute this success to the winning combination of  dedicated faculty, those who work hard at imparting quality education and a well designed curriculum. 


To produce computer science graduates to design and develop quality software solutions, be able to work successfully in challenging environments



  To create, share, and apply knowledge in Computer Science, including in interdisciplinary areas that extend the scope of Computer Science and benefit humanity

  1. To educate students to be successful, ethical, and effective problem-solvers and life-long learners who will contribute positively to the economic well-being

  2. Facilitate the development and application of problem-solving skills in students

  3. Promote the development of computer-related skills for immediate application to other curricular areas

  4. Develop innovative thinking, communication and leadership skills by creating conducive environment and relevant training

Staff details

HOD- Computer Science.jpg
Mr. Gollakota.V.S.S.Sheshu Kumar,
M.Sc, M.Tech, Head, Computer Science.
Years of Experience
Dr. K. Valli Madhavi
MCA, M.Tech, M.Phil, Ph.D
Mr G. Lakshmana Rao
Assistant Professor
Mr.G.V.S.S. Seshu Kumar
MSc, M.Tech, Head, Computer Science
Mr.D Hema Sundar Kumar
Assistant Professor
Mr A. Posi Sekhar
Assistant Professor
Mr M. Sridhar Sarma
Assistant Professor
Ms G. Naga Lakshmi
Assistant Professor
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