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Entrepreneurship Development Cell was established in the college with the vision “Turn around the “Job seekers” into “Job Creators” in the year 2019.

Entrepreneurship is an attitude that can be developed by any learner who dreams to become an employer. The increasing demand and recognition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for ensuring the welfare of the society and economic growth of an individual have motivated this great leap forward to promote the Entrepreneurship Development Cell. With proper motivation, Entrepreneurship can be inculcated into the minds of young professionals. Thus this cell aims to promote Techno-entrepreneurship more systematically and comprehensively with a focus on incubating all feasible ventures through technology intervention.

The cell is headed by Dr.Ch.Venkateswarlu, Professor, Department of management and commerce along with staff and student coordinators.

To produce successful entrepreneurs imbibed with innovative skills and ethical business practices contributing to the development of society and growth of the nation.

To nurture the ideas of leadership, self development, robust attitude and a positive orientation to risk in the student community that impacts their life, career and community.

To enhance industry institute interaction through guest lecturers and industrial visits. 

Events organized

Seminar on Patent Filing

My Entrepreneur –Poster Competition

Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Innovation Design

Orientation session on National Innovation and Startup policy

Guest Lecture on Startup Opportunities for Students Preneurs

Guest Lecture on Converting Prototype into Startup

EDP organized an Awareness programme on Entrepreneurship and various schemes offered by Govt of India.

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