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Department of Forensic Science

Department of Forensic science, GIET DEGREE COLLEGE was established  in the year 2018. The term forensic is a derivative of the Latin word “forensic” which means “of or before the forum”. Have you ever seen a sensational homicidal case where it takes lot of time to get solved and cross hundreds of hurdles to expose the criminal with all the knowledge enriched through learning forensic science. Forensic Science as a study, deals with science and law. It works towards solving crimes by applying science to legal and civil laws. This three year undergraduate program offers the study of scientific applications and knowledge that assist in the investigation of crimes.

Apart from theoretical knowledge , the department strives students towards mock crime scenes, courtroom presentation , reconstruction of scenes of crime.




I welcome you all to the Department of Forensic Science in GIET Degree College, Rajamahendravaram, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. We provide the best quality of Education and Training to students for their bright future & careers. The Department of Forensic Science aims to provide academically efficient and professionally strong in the branches of Forensic Science like Forensic Toxicology, DNA Finger Printing, Crime Scene Management, Ballistics etc. apart from Academics, Department also imparts training sessions where practical oriented work will be learnt by the students for their future. With rapid growth in technology ,the crime rate is being high , Forensic Science with wings of cyber security, mobile forensics, multimedia forensics etc. is a study which helps to cessate cyber crimes. I can proudly say that GIET DEGREE COLLEGE is providing the valuable education which mainly focus on real time practical knowledge and industry exposure.



Our vision is to inspire new forensic scientists to search for the truth through science and shape the future of the field using new knowledge and innovation. To contribute to the Indian and global criminal justice system, industry and society being a fountainhead through excellent ideas and innovations in forensic education and research.



1. To impart professional education and training in the field of forensic science education.

2. To disseminate knowledge and information by organizing seminars/workshops/short term courses to develop professionalism.

3. To impart quality education as per the needs of its stake-holders and society through excellence and innovation in teaching-learning and research process.

4. To instil the highest value, ethics, professionalism and scientific aptitude among the students and faculty members with strategically plan

5. To generate quality human resources providing an environment conducive of

innovation, creativity, team-work, leadership and entrepreneurship.



Nagesh pIC 1.jpg
Donkina. Nagesh
MSC (Forensic Toxicology), HOD, Forensic Science Dept.
Experience in Years
Mr.Donkina Nagesh
Head of the department
M.Sc (Toxicology & Ballistics)
Mr. Penumarthi Gowtham Sai
Assistant Professor
M. Sc (Forensic biology, Serology & DNA)
Ms.Tabbussum Parveen
Assistant Professor
M. Sc (Forensic Science)
Ms. Vanisree C R
Assistant Professor
M. Sc (Forensic Chemistry )
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