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NSS (National Service Scheme)


NSS unit has been successfully functioning in the College. Membership to the NSS is voluntary but strictly selective. Applications for enrolment are called for by the programme officers at the beginning of each academic year. The aim of the scheme is to create social awareness and personality development among the students. Work camps, social service activities are organised on a regular basis. The Volunteers have to attend 100 hours of work and the 7 day special camp.


Workshop by “Red Cross Society“ giving a brief note on the activities driven to B.Com, B.B.A and B.Sc. Students on 23rd August,2018 by Dr. Mahalakshmi , Dist Red Cross Co-Ordinator.


Our students with social responsibility extended their partaking in Janmabhumi programme by giving awareness to the people residing in villages about digital world, scholarships and schemes that the government is providing.


Voters Day

25th January is recognised as national voter day. In remembrance of it the principal, Staff members and students read the voters day oath. Principal and other staff members felicitated the students who received the right to vote for the first time.

Dental Camp Service in GIET Degree College