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Forensic Science Lab

Forensic Science Lab at College harnesses the best of current technology to support the intellectual curiosity of its students and faculty. The state-of-the-art laboratories are fully equipped with tools to ensure students have an exceptional education and rewarding science laboratory experience. The open and enough space in these labs promote collaborations across disciplines and promise creative learning opportunities.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab at GIET is a state-of-the-art resource center with high-speed internet accessibility, about 100 terminals. The students can access the facility according to their convenience any time round-the-clock. The labs are equipped with the latest software relevant to and recommended for undergraduate education. The computer lab is manned by qualified and competent professional who is committed and always close at hand whenever the students need support.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with equipment like Conductivity Meters, Hot Air Oven, PH Meter, Refrigerator, Electronic Balances, and Water Bath etc. Students are keenly monitored during the lab hours.

Physics Practical Lab

We have a well furnished, large physics practical lab .There are more than 45 experiment and more than 70 apparatus for B.Sc. students.

Various important experiments on Bar Pendulum, Katter’s Pendulum, Bending of beam, Polari meter, Moment of Inertia, Nodal Slide, Newton’s ring, Calibration of Voltmeter, Calibration of Ammeter, Neon Lamp, P.N. Junction Diode etc are conducted in the laboratory.

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