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  • For better assimilation and understanding of student a led subjects and to increase the capacity of the students to learn, we organize debates, extempore, quiz, essay competitions.

  • Seminars, Workshops and guest lecture sessions are organized.

  • Industry- Academic partnership has been established with some local Industries to expose the students to some real life experience. Students are taken to nearby factories for visit.

  • Educational tours are organized.

Seminar on Data Analytics with R Programming

One day workshop on “Data Analytics with R-Programming “ for B.Sc. and MCA Students on 7th Dec,2018 by Dr. M. Kamala Kumari , Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Adikavi Nannaya University at Seminar Hall R. K. Block, GIET Campus.​

Seminar on Green and Carbon Finance

One day workshop on “Green And Carbon Finance “ for B.B.A and MBA Students on 7th JAN,2019 by Dr. Teki , Registrar, Prof. , Dept. of Commerce and Management, Adikavi Nannaya University at Seminar Hall V. V. Block, GIET Campus.